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Back by Popular Demand!
"Lunch and Learn" Sessions Featured Thursday

(Ticketed; concurrent sessions)
$25 per person

A huge hit at last year's convention, the 2007 AC&E features four new lunch and learn sessions. Each ticketed session takes place at noon on Thursday, May 17 and includes a boxed lunch. Simply choose which session you’d like to attend, pick up your lunch at the designated area, then make the most of your lunch time enjoying one of these great training sessions:

Exploring Board Governance
Presented by Carmen Voillequé
This session will explore a number of governance models while giving you a comprehensive overview of what’s needed to solidify the processes that make credit unions effective. We’ll discuss ways to establish limits and frameworks for decision-making, how to reduce the problem of boards becoming too tactical, how to increase the significance of the "member view" in deliberations, and we’ll help you define the roles and relationships of board members, the chairman and the CEO.

Presented by Rory Rowland
With the changing face of credit unions and the move to community charters, credit unions tend to see each other as competitors rather than co-operators. Inevitably, this new view changes the way we do business. This fascinating session will show us how we can move from the separate states of competition and co-operation to create a new world of co-opetition. What can we learn when we compete and cooperate? How will this new concept impact your credit union? How can co-opetition work for your credit union and our movement as a whole? Join us and find out!

A Case of Fictitious Loans That Everyone Missed!”
Presented by Barbara Loescher
Who is responsible for detecting loan fraud? In this session, you’ll follow a $400,000 fictitious loan fraud case from the first loan through discovery and conviction five years later. Using actual exhibits from the case, you’ll see how fictitious files were created, documents altered, and how the perpetrator escaped detection by management, the supervisory committee, other employees and the internal and external auditors. You’ll also learn to identify red flags that aid in early detection. And when you return to your credit union, you’ll never look at loan files the same way again!

Reaching the Teenage Market

(or, Authenticitude Is the New Real and Other Lessons in Teen Life)
Presented by Michael Wood
A solid understanding of teens provides the foundation for effectively connecting with this important consumer group. But building this knowledge takes great planning and care. In addition to important information from Teenage Research Unlimited's groundbreaking research tracking teen trends, lifestyles, media, brands, attitudes and more, Michael will unveil several key themes to help you better understand where the students of today are headed and how to make that connection. He’ll also discuss several key concepts, including Authenticitude and VIPremium. You’ll be informed, immersed, and inspired!